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Octave One announce their new album under the much loved Random Noise Generation guise. The first RNG release was 'Falling in Dub' in 1991 and sounding just as fresh 27 years later, �Endustry� is due for release this spring.

Something of a new take on their creative process the Burden brothers made most of this music on the road while they toured over the past year, using the country they were in at each time they recorded to influence and inspire each track. �We were tucked away in so many hotel rooms that we decided to make sure we brought enough extra equipment so that we could set up a true lab to create from country to country and make the grooves that we wanted to experiment with on the dance floor.� comments Lawrence.

This body of work encompasses 7 full length cuts, naturally all with that classic Octave One emotion. �'Alkaylze', more than any of tracks on this project, embraced the original spirit of Random Noise Generation in so much as the �machine� seemed to be really guide the creative process.� Adds Lenny �Much of the foundation of the composition was very accidental, but inspirational, with various musical devices interpreting data in a very unexpected results. It actually came together quite quickly but things just fell into place so naturally.�

After touring and making music for decades the spirit and essential energy of the craft is what keeps them eternally inspired to keep creating and touring the globe� �Once it takes hold of you you can�t stop even if you wanted to.� says the pair, and so 'Endustry' is born.

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